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Can Singapore’s economic success be seen from its birth chart? By Teri

Yippee! Long weekend!
Singapore celebrating her 50th Jubilee birthday in 2015! How far we have come as a nation! 4 major ethnic groups, 4 major languages, coming together as one to 50 years of independence! 

However 50 years ago the little red dot as many will agree, did not have a good head start at all. Singapura was reluctant to assume independence. With a total population of merely 1.88 million, lacking in every source imaginable resources, our future was bleak.

On the 9th August 1965, after being tossed out of the Federation of Malaysia like a unwanted stepchild, the only life-line remained for all the Republic of Singapore was its Citizens.

We were the accidental nation.

50 years ago, the entire world looked upon us with doubt. WE looked upon OURSELVES with fear, equally doubtful of our ability to survive as a country without natural resources. Fast running out of state reserves without Malaysia’s support. 

Of course under the leadership of the late Mr LKY over decades, Singapore has transformed into the most brilliant diamond in the region, with such stellar economical success … it is un un un un believable that there was a time when people say that Singapore won’t make it, but we did. 

Now if Singapore was a human child born on the 9th August 1965, can we examine the destiny and fate in a bid to make sense our extraordinary transformation? 

The elemental birth chart of the Republic of Singapore, born into the fatherhood of Mr LKY on the 9th August 1965 is found as below: 

The day master of Singapore is Yin Wood (乙木). Day Master is likened to the identity and the reference point of a birth chart. The characteristics of Yin wood people are like the the vines or better yet, e.g. strawberry runners, known to be very flexible with strong survival instinct. With little water or sunlight, the strawberry runners are capable to propagate in all different directions away from the main root system and towards where ever the lifesaving nutrients lies. Unlike other plants, this spirit of going all directions, making friends with everyone with the capability to give us life, bestowed upon the yin wood element, a certain survival advantage compare to the other plants. 

However, our citizens are mainly migrants all along and do not really have a sense of belonging or responsibilities to the country unless we are born and bred over a few generations. 

This is evident as all the wood elements on the heavenly stems are not “rooted” onto any pillar in the earthly branches (none of the earthly branches are wood elements) except for one and only weak sub-root, embedded deep inside the hidden stems of 未 (Yin Earth Goat), situated in the “house of spouse” directly underneath the Yin Wood Day Master. 

This is also supported by many stories of the recent phenomenon where the first generation children of the recent migrants parents (mostly settled in Singapore post 1990s), are unwilling to serve the national service. Which is actually mandatory by law, for all males born in Singapore. 

Same elements e.g. yin wood/yin wood or yin wood/yang wood, can be grouped into 2 attributes namely- 1) The brothers and sisters 2) The Robbing Money. Same elements are found all on the heavenly stems in Singapore’s birth chart, indicating we have many friends both supporting us like brothers and sisters, or a more practical relationship e.g. robbing money.

When one’s birth chart is weak, all the friends are welcome and we are not so worried about which category they belong to. According the old texts and my personal experience, this seems quite true. As a fact, Singapore is very friendly and our policy is that we welcome both tourists and professionals of all races, all backgrounds and even speaking a different language to our land. We welcome friends to help build our economy together. 

Earth element, represents money for the Yin Wood people. The wood people, both Yin and Yang Wood are very good at making money. The most famous will be the example of business tycoon e.g. Mr Li Ka Shing, who is a Yang Wood Day Master surrounding by Earth (Money) in his chart. 

Question: Singapore is a lawful state and enforced its laws strictly, can it be seen in the chart? 

Yes. Singapore is born in the season of autumn, Yang Monkey is also representative of the metal element. Metal represents revolution, swords and justice etc. In past dynasties, Chinese Emperors were known to bestow his trusted patrolling officials with the famous 尚方宝剑 (Imperial Sword). 

The aristocratic power of the Emperor is ingrained into the Imperial sword, allowing the patrolling official to punish certain high ranking officials to the death sentence, not needing prior permission from the Emperor himself. 

Hence going by the category aka 格局, Singapore is considered as 正官 (Proper Power) category. In reality, Singapore is known internationally as clean and non-corrupted state, where bribery of civil servants will be severely punish if found out.  

It is also no wonder that Singapore conducts our daily businesses with many rules and regulations, all above board. The strength of the metal element in the season is very strong. More or less, everyone who comes into Singapore no matter the visitors or migrants workers will automatically try to behave in accordance to our laws. Or else. 

Question: Economically, why is Singapore a phenomenal success and viewed as a good international/regional hub among multinational companies? 

Being a yin wood we know that Singapore is predisposed with a hardy and resilient chart, friendly to all visitors who come to our little Island to seek their fortune. 

In addition, the wood elements also have a special advantage. The earth element, represents money for the Yin Wood people. Incidentally, earth is the most abundant element which appeared 4 times a year, as opposed to other elements e.g. fire, water, metal which comes around only twice in a year. 

Therefore the wood people, both Yin and Yang Wood are very good at making money and have more money opportunities knocking at their doors.

The most famous will be the example of business tycoon e.g. Mr Li Ka Shing, who is a Yang Wood Day Master surrounding by Earth (Money) in his chart.

Besides as a Yin Wood day master, Singapore is also like a strawberry runner, we always know where to “run” for much needed nutrients to survive. Where ever the water source is or the sunlight is projecting, somehow Singapore is able to maximise all our advantages. Indeed, very early on Singapore had the foresight to signing Free-Trade treaty very early on with the super power nations e.g. USA, getting all citizens ready to be English-Speaking so as to have a early advantage in terms of communication with our visitors, vital to our survival. 

Simply put, our phenomenal success today in 2015, totally unimaginable 50 years ago. But perfectly sensible from the four pillars of destiny point of view and the character of the birth chart as a yin wood element. 

Of course there are also other factors at play here contributing to the country’s success e.g. geographical landforms Feng Shui. This also had been investigated and presented eloquently by other renowned Feng Shui Grand Masters in Singapore. 

Internationally other bigger countries today recognised Singapore as a formidable country in terms of capitalism and are also studying to replicate our the Singapore’s economic model. 

Question: Politically, 2015 is due for the General Elections. Any message from the birth chart? 

In Four Pillars of Destiny, the outcome of a certain question will need to be compared against the luck pillars, arranged in different orders in accordance to the gender of the day master. 

As Singapore is a country and not quite knowing if Singapore is male or female. Therefore outcome cannot be calculated with accuracy and perhaps another system i.e. the I Ching Divination system is more appropriate in terms of speculation of the outcome.. 

From 4 Pillars point of view, 2015 is a wood goat year - 乙未 by the Hsia Calander and coincidentally, the Day Master of Singapore is also 乙未 forming a 伏吟 duplicate arrangement.

Chinese metaphysics texts did not speak highly of the duplicate arrangement, it usually means ending to something. It also can mean that 2015 will be a year marred by turbulences, conflicts and scandals. The journey to any destination is auspicious nor straight-forward. 

If the GE is going to be held around the September period, before the winter months. The Singaporeans and the political parties will experience extra conflicts. 

- Teri