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Musings on Power:Ame's Moo Baan Dek Experience

We often talked about standing in our own power. And as healers and coaches, we are all about facilitating empowerment. Yet have we really contemplated what Power really means for us? Are we empowered and empowering others?

Recently I visited Moo Baan Dek, a children's orphanage out in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. This trip was part of a project I have undertaken to raise awareness about Children Empowerment. (For more information click this link:

What I experienced in Moo Baan Dek aroused my curiosity on what empowerment truly is. So I looked at the dictionary and it stated that empowerment was "to invest with power" and power in turn was "the ability to act or do something effectively". So to empower, we needed to facilitate people to act effectively.

What I saw in Moo Baan Dek struck a chord, and of course, I was "seeing" from the point of view of a psychic and energy intuitive. These were children who had been rescued from slums. Some had been sexually abused or abandoned. Others were born of drug addict parents or alcoholics and were in danger of falling into addiction. Yet others had been rejected by both Thailand and Myanmar as citizens and hence deprived of the normal schooling and housing we take for granted in Singapore. They had all been dealt a bad hand in life. Some may call it their karma, but I feel that they had been sent to teach the world a lesson about standing in your own power and self healing. 
Looking at their energetic make up, especially during Wil's sound healing session, I realised how damaged and wounded some of these children must have been. I saw energetic scars around their hearts and solar plexus, damage around their root chakras and negative thought forms attached to them. I saw worry but also courage. I saw fear but also determination in their energies. What truly amazed me was their resolve in actively healing themselves. They were completely in the moment, especially in the way their energies reacted to the healing vibrations. I felt strongly an energy of capability, the ability to act for themselves. It carried through into their actions, as they organised themselves carrying down mats for the sound healing session and later, as they experimented with the sound healing instruments without fussing nor instructions from the adults and without fighting among themselves. 

As I continued to observe them, I saw how these children were able to take on responsibility for themselves without losing their childlike innocence. They were poised on the threshold of innocence and responsibility. Their energies were open, curious and non-judgemental. This was especially apparent when they were allowed to experiment with the crystal bowls, singing bowls, gong and drums. They handled the instruments with care and unlike a scene in Singapore I witnessed recently, there were no adults screaming at them not to damage the instruments.
These children were enabled to take responsibility for themselves by cooking, cleaning and organising themselves into efficient and effective teams. This act of entrusting responsibility for themselves onto the children was what helped them to break through the vicious poverty-charity cycle and created contributing members of society. I even met some youths who had been rescued by social workers and grown up in Moo Baan Dek. They are university graduates who have chosen to come back as administrators. All of them had the same resolve to act according to how their hearts led them. 

So my take away from the children in Moo Baan Dek was this: To stand in our own power requires courage, intention, action and a lot of heart.  Plus someone to trust and have faith in us.
With love, light & laughter,