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3rd June - Loving your Shadow Self Group Meditation with Alia

Loving Your Shadow Self Group Meditation

Date: 3rd June, Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: $44 per pax

“One does not become enlightened by imagining light but by making the darkness conscious”-Carl Jung
Everyone has a shadow self. This is the part of you that you keep hidden from yourself and others. A shadow self includes our deepest fears, shames, regrets, judgments, core beliefs, unconscious contracts/vows, “truths” about life, about others and yourself, as well as your greatest power, your beauty, your sacred and divine self. 
Once you understand your shadow self, it no longer holds power over you. For example, your actions and manifestations in all aspects of your life are a reflection of your inner state. People underestimate how much influence their shadow self really has on them.
Alia will help you identify and decode your shadow self to reveal any programming that influences your thoughts, feelings and actions and eventually your manifestations and results.
In addition to healing those parts of you that hold you back from achieving your desired results, getting familiar with healing and embracing your Shadow can assist you in unleashing trapped life energies, your personal power, inspiration and authenticity.