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7th June - Sound Healing with Wil *Cancelled*

Sound Healing

with Wil

Date: 7th JuneSaturday *Cancelled*
Time: 6.30pm - 8pm
Energy Exchange: $44 per person
"The Power of Sound, going within, being authentic."
Flow. Life comes with its challenges and confrontations, through situations, with people around you but also with yourself. You may experience fear, anger, irritation, and sometimes you feel that your life is trapped in a cycle that appears hard to break and stops your own flow in life. Once you realize that most of these occurrences are external factors that you allow to get to you, you can start working with letting go and create a flow that is your own.
The way you come across to others is a reflection of the person you are inside. Paying attention to your own voice, your pure self and your natural flow will help you to start focusing on what is really important for you to shine in this life, without the distraction that is keeping you from your natural way of being. In the end it’s not important what you do, but what you ARE and how you show up for yourself and others: Authentic and true to yourself.
This Sound Work session will guide you to break with external factors and connect to your inner being, in a relaxing and focused manner. The varying intensity of sounds will help break blockages, and enhance your grounding while allowing for a renewed connection to your inner being and idea of self-love.
Our bodies and our environment are in a constant state of vibration. We are continuously exposed to the effects of sound around us and inside of us. The sound of nature, music or our own voice can be emotionally stimulating, while prolonged exposure to traffic noise can create anxiety and concentration problems.
Treating illness and pain by stimulating our body system with specific sounds and frequencies has been a natural healing method for thousands of years; stimulating the nerve system on a molecular level to help bring our body system back in a state of natural harmony.
When we become aware of the nurturing effect silence, sound and resonance can have on our body system, we will naturally start connecting ourselves to the harmonizing vibrations of the universe as a form of self-healing.

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