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June - Private Coaching Session with SC

By appointment
                                                                                          Energy Exchange: 100/hour

SC brings with her a wealth of experience to assist her clients to tackle the root causes of their problems. Through working with their collective memories built from childhood, past lives & genealogically (generations), SC transforms their lives into one with more joy, fulfilment, success, confidence and purpose. She is a certified trainer for NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy and on-going learning Psychology of Vision and Systemic Constellation. As a result, she customizes her coaching sessions according to individual needs through integration and improvisation, and empowers them with new positive life choices.
SC has helped many to re-gain their lives direction and overcome issues including:

* Relationship issues   * Career & family stress   * Emotional detox
* Personal development   * Major life/cross-road decisions
* Food cravings    * Smoking addictions   * Alcohol addictions
* Fears & anxieties   * Anger & un-forgiveness   * Grief

‘We can transform our life for the better in just a split second of decision-making.That is to let go of what’s stopping us / the root cause.’