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17th May - Understanding Your Own Four Pillars of Destiny with Ame

Understanding Your Own Four Pillars of Destiny:
Compatibility Workshop

with Ame

Date: 17th May, Saturday
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Price: $99 per person for the workshop
(Special Price of $88 for Four Pillars of Destiny written mini report if you do not have one. The report will cover what characteristics you are born with, your luck over periods of 10 years, your favourable and unfavourable elements, what you are compativle or not compatible with. To upgrade to the Full Four Pillars of Destiny report, additional $100 will be charged)

 Many of us have been subjected to decades of conditioning by family, society and the workplace. As such, we have lost sight of who or what we really are. The Four Pillars of Destiny, also known as Bazi, provides an insight into the characteristics we are born with, our strength and weaknesses. It acts effectively as a blueprint of what we came into this world as. 

By understanding our blueprint, we are able to decide what abilities and strengths we want to nurture and build upon, as well as what aspects we want to transcend and release so as to achieve our Highest potential. 

This workshop also teaches us to decipher what is best for us, ie who is favourable in our lives or compatible to us, who can help us or destroy us, etc

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