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28th May - New Moon Meditation with SC

New Moon Meditation

with SC

Date: 28th May, Wednesday
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
Price: By Donation

“Spring is the time for embracing the new beginning after letting go of the past.
All new beginnings need nurturing.
One of the most nurturing things to do is to start seeing life is an infinity growth and development.
This involves realizing life events are lesson and opportunity to grow.
Nurturing is essential for us to feel encouraged, protected and loved.
Without it, we may feel challenging and misaligned.
In this guided meditation, we will connect with our inner self for nurturing all 4 aspects of us in
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
The functions of these 4 aspects are important to us. Because:
Physical is relates to our physical health
Emotional governs our emotion, confidence & motivation.
Mental is involves in our decision making & belief system
Spiritual is associates with our life purpose.
By having a more nurturing way in rebuilding ourselves is necessary
for us to receive a lot more joy, peacefulness and abundance in life.
Let’s join SC to welcome and celebrate this spring in a more nurturing way.”

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