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2nd & 3rd May -Intuitive Therapy Sessions with Lukas

Intuitive Therapy: Private Healing Sessions
with Lukas

Date: By Appointment, Available On 2nd & 3rd May
Energy exchange: Email to enquire

Come experience Lukas in his Intuitive Therapy sessions where he customises the best healing for you.

He helps others to discover themselves, help them to name things they could not name before, help them notice things they could not see before, help them fully feel their inner feelings, help them peel off  their protective layers to get to the core, to themselves. To discover the most important thing which is self love, which is the only truth…he simply guides people ón their path to find their true selves. - Pavla Martincova, Czech Republic

"Lukas! Your knowledge you gave me on how to master the mind, and how to be a better person and keep that self control, are not forgotten. Progressing to be a better person ever!" (Translated from Spanish)
“Lukas is a very sensitive person who has the precious ability of tuning or seeing one's true potential therefore can guide one to find one's true self. He uncovered many things that were invisible to me for all my life, he helped me peel of many layers of unhealthy programs and  thanks to that a healing on a very deep level could begin. There is still a long way to go for me but inside of my heart I am a very happy person now enjoying whatever life brings and I could not thank Lukas enough that he helped me realize all that.”

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