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25 May: Nurture your inner rhythm by Wil Kolen

Nurture your inner rhythm through a rejuvenating personal sound journey

Join Wil Kolen for a rejuvenating personal sound journey; a subtle but deeply relaxing and meditative experience that aims on strengthening and restoring the internal harmony of your body system, initiating healing from within.


Everything vibrates at it’s own frequency, our body, environment, our thoughts and intentions; influencing our personal ‘vibe’, our way of being. Throughout human history, the natural properties of sound and vibration have delivered repeated evidence in offering relief for our body system.


Also our internal voice, ‘thought’, is vibrational energy; a busy mind, negative thought patterns or an uncomfortable living/work environment could lead to physical or emotional imbalance, and general 'unwellness'. Symptoms like stress, anxiety, tenseness, migraine, body aches or being unfocused or feeling depressed can be treated with sound and vibration to start a synchronization process that initiates restoration, strengthening and harmonization of our body system leading to balance and calmness.


A slow movement of sounds created with melodic drums, singing bowls and voice will connect with the set intention and take you on a journey through a tranquil soundscape, transcending time and space, creating shifts towards a new inner balance and lightness and initiating self-healing. An experience referred to by many as physical and mental cleansing.


When we become aware of the nurturing effect that silence, sound and resonance can have on our body system, we will naturally start connecting to the harmonizing vibrations of the universe as a form of self-healing; nurturing our body system and start healing from within.


Energy Exchange: Pay what you feel is right
Date: Wednesday 25 May 2016
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm