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5th May - The Aquarian Factor Meditation with Ame *Cancelled*

The Aquarian Factor Meditation

with Ame (featuring a mystery guest)

Date: 5th May, Monday *Cancelled*
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
Price: $44 per person

The Constellation of Aquarius is synonymous with Flow and Fertility, being associated with Annual Flood of the Nile at the beginning of Spring in Ancient Egypt.
The Eta Aquariids, whose parent body is the Halley’s Comet, are the strongest meteor shower radiating from Aquarius. The combination of the energies of Aquarius and Halley’s Comet triggers the need for us to get into our flow and step into our power. The only way to do this is to detach ourselves from the judgments of others and our own mind. The energy of Aquarius assists us in doing this as we learn to nurture ourselves to rise from the daily reality to the higher perspective of our contribution to the Universe, our Higher Purpose.
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