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21 Nov: Introduction Session: Where am I by Ky'lama Telos

Introduction Session: Where am I? By Ky'lama TELOS
Date: Tuesday, 21 November 
Time: 7.20pm - 9.25pm
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 29957
Energy Exchange: Pay what you want (Suggested Exchange $20)

Where am I ??  What am I doing here ?? 

What is my purpose ??

We are in a moment in time where things are really starting to open up.

The pace of life seems to be going faster and faster.

We are feeling this within our inner being. It is not imagination.

The energies are accelerating in order to speed up the evolution of our soul. The speeding up occurs in order to help us to get into deeper touch with our soul so that we can find out why we are here and what we are meant to be doing.

Our soul does have a specific purpose. The more we take time to get in touch with it the more fulfilled our life will become.

It is now a good time to priortise our life so that we can understand how to live our purpose.

Now is a great time to start to prioritise what is really important in life. This may mean confronting fear and understanding what it is that is needed to come back to our centre and be authentic and clear in our own being.

We are all carrying ancestral energies that have profound and deep affects on our being.

These energies are with us because we have agreed to work with them in this lifetime.

Many people on Earth choose not be conscious, not to be aware, not to bother about doing work that raises the consciousness of the collective. This may not be their path but if there is no inner resonance and understanding of who we are as souls there is no way to know whether we are really on our path except if we have a burning desire a flame of passion that drives us in a clear direction. In truth there are very few people that have this. Those that do and have such influence that they affect planetary events have an inner resonance that is clear and profound and a knowing of their mission. What about you, as you read this.

Do you have that clarity?

Why do we need to do this work, have this awareness and take action at this time??

Why is it so valuable not to let this opportunity pass.

What happens when I die ??

Do I reincarnate??

How can I understand this life process better ???

Come to Ky’lama’s introductory evening session to discuss life perspectives.

Ky’lama will take you through an energetic healing and reattunement during this time.