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26 Nov Workshop: Create a Fulfilling and Magical Future

Workshop: Create a Fulfilling and Magical Future 
Date: Saturday, 26 November 
Time: 1.45pm - 6.15pm
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 299578
Energy Exchange: $150

Create a Fulfilling and Magical Future

Ky’lama is a change agent.

Ky’lama supports all to find their true path and their life of fulfilment.

The world is evolving at a great pace. We are being urged as a planetary consciousness to get on board the train of change. We are being urged to become  visionaries and create a new world. This world is and will not be about personal desires but collective desires, collective needs and shared values that support sustainability and renewables. 

Where do you as an individual fit in to this? Your soul has come to Earth with a specific purpose and mission. Your soul decided before you came here that you had something to do and say. Along the way you got caught up most likely in what other people wanted or expected you to do. The most important thing for you to do is to find out why you are here.

This is a monumental time of change because it is important to negotiate this tricky period between the old ways the old perspectives the old paradigms. There is a lot of drama happening in the world and we are being asked to pick our battles carefully. To stand for substance. To stand for free will. To stand for clean air, clean water clean food. A lot of problems are created for distraction to pull our consciousness and effort away from what is really important.

Ky’lama will support you in this session to come back to your Heart. Ky’lama will offer the opportunity to clear the obstacles that no longer serve you ….. the emotions, the  mind chaos and the lack of clarity. Ky’lama will support you to find opportunity and inspiration in how you see your future. Ky’lama calls to you to examine what value systems no longer serve you and to see what contribution you can make to bring about change on a community and group level.

The mission of all of you is unique and special. It is a very important part of the Earth’s future.

A foundation is important and the creation of a path to this new future established. Come and join Ky’lama in this event to support you to remove obstacles and create the magic of your future.