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14 Oct: Enhance your wealth, Prosper your Business Fengshui Practical Workshop by Karina

Do you feel like you are spending more than you able to save?
Are you worried about your retirement nest egg?
Are you unable to attract new or larger clients to help your business grow? 
Are you feeling stuck at work?

Enhance your Wealth, Prosper your Business & Boost your Career
Fengshui Practical Workshop by Karina
Saturday 14 October 2017, 2pm to 6pm
Energy Exchange: $88

Enhancing the wealth and power energy in your environment can help you to increase your wealth, prosper your business and boost your career. Learn how to bring your environment in alignment with you, so that the energies work for you rather than against you. Karina helps you with her combined knowledge to achieve Prosperity and Wealth while remaining in Balance, Happiness, Joy and Harmony by teaching you practical exercises and methods you can implement so that your environment helps you work towards your Success and Enhancement!

This very practical workshop will allow you to be able to apply the methods immediately onto your home to achieve the best effects promptly.


Maria A, India: “Your teaching and sharing inspired me. When I went home I saw each room and each corner with different eyes and started to enhance my office till long after midnight. Thanks you! The new me is ready to bring now all I wished for into reality through colours, directions and elements.”