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30 September & 3 Oct: Regain Health & Vitality Mini Workshop

Presented by Karina Sirimana
Energy Exchange: $20 per person

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress?
Does your job make you feel unwell?
Do you feel heavy on a daily basis?
Are the people around you putting too much pressure on you?
Do you feel older than your age sometimes?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then this workshop is for you.
Join Karina for this two hour workshop that teaches you practical & holistic tips to reduce your stress and regain your health.
Learn how to bring your body and mind back into harmony.
The workshop includes healing exercises, a grounding meditation and a group healing where Karina helps to release the negative vibrations of 3 of your worries!

Stana, India: Thank you, Karina, for such a good presentation and knowledge that you brought to us. Hope to meet you again! With love, Stana, Pune