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1-2 April: Festival du Féminin® Singapore Edition

About The Programmes

DAY 1: 9:45am-11:00am


Workshop A: Awaken the Soul of the Body Through the Art of WUTAO  by Delphine L’Huillier and Prune Derriennic


Women need to reconnect to their essence, to their most intimate sense of selves. But how? Once we learn to listen to our bodies, they act as caring guides. The contemporary art of Wutao invites us to reconnect in this way, with sensitivity, beauty and strength. Wutao liberates the pelvis, and releases an undulation that travels through the spine. At the origin of life, this undulation exists in each of us, but as we grow up we tend to lose it. Our path is therefore to reactivate it, as if we were reconnecting to the universe. Reconnecting to life itself. This undulation nourishes the opening of the heart and the flourishing of the mind; the "soul" blossoms. Without effort. With ease. To incarnate a woman who is anchored and sensitive. To awaken the soul of one's body, to open to oneself, to other women, and to the world.

Workshop B: Awakening Aphrodite by Lydia Petetin

It is very difficult for many women to express their femininity and sensuality. Pressure exerted by society, religious doctrine, family attitudes and self-image has, in large part, led to women, either consciously or unconsciously, adopting feelings of guilt and shame, and developing a complex when it comes to femininity. Women feel that they will be perceived as different, judged, and measured against others, and this leaves women feeling denigrated, rejected. This workshop invites us as women to connect gently to the radiant, joyful, joyous and sensual Energy of Aphrodite that lies slumbering in each and every woman. The beauty of our being expresses itself first and foremost by the esteem in which we hold it. The archetype of Aphrodite opens us and invites us to celebrate that essence of self and the vitality that we perceive in our womb, our uterus, our hips, our breasts but also, and most of all, in our YES to Life and to a world experienced by our senses. Aphrodite makes Love an Art of Living. We will rediscover Her generous and divine Nature within ourselves through Dance, through short and precious millennium-old rituals and through meditations/visualizations that we can all re-experience daily.

DAY 1: 11:30am-12:45pm

Workshop AFreeing the Little Souls and Healing the Broken Heart by Anne Morin

Abortions, miscarriages, stillborn babies, sudden infant death, in our lives or in our ancestors lives. These interrupted lives get locked into a cage of sadness. And remain like imprisoned souls, like ghosts. This workshop will allow us to open that cage, and propose to the soul to find its path of freedom and finally go towards the light, continue its life path. “My heart is broken, my heart is in pieces...” These expressions show much about our heart wounds. This workshop also proposes a ritual to recover our heart, full and whole, because how can you love again if your heart is in pieces? 

Workshop BManage Your Life and Your Business with the 5 Elements by Maitie Trelaun

The 5 elements are the foundation of the Chinese Traditional Medicine. They place human being as a global system connected with the Universe. Maïtie use this ancestral knowledge to create a new way to understand relationships. That changes the concept of management in family life and in business. In this workshop, you will discover the 5 elements as 5 human characters; you will play with them to feel their specific energy and understand how that can help you to simplify your today life; you will know those who are activated for you today and those you have to activate to realise your own fulfillment.

DAY 1: 2:00pm-3:15pm

Workshop AThe Story Keeper of the Family by Janet Chui: 

Women often fulfill the role of remembering family history and passing the stories from generation to generation, storing physical keepsakes and keeping up with news of the family members. The stories that are shared help shape the younger generation, either by instilling them with pride (or shame), and set the attitudes towards those family members who may have broken away. The way we have been told about other female family members more than likely shaped the women we felt we were allowed to become.  And sometimes the stories that are NOT told are the ones that could have changed our lives. How do we make these stories empowering for ourselves and for our children?

Workshop BGuided Shamanic Journey: Connecting with Our Feminine Lineage by Sallie Yang

In the modern society, we have for too long relied on our masculine energy to give us strength to cope and keep up with everyday life. We have neglected or to some extend reject our feminine energy as its often viewed as the weaker energy. The truth is, until we re-learn how to embrace, embody and harness the power of our feminine energy, we shall struggle to find a balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual being. Using shamanic drumming, we shall be guided to connect with our Animal Helping Spirits to accompany us through this beautiful journey to our female ancestors, to ask for wisdom and re-connect with our feminine energy, the source of our true empowerment.

DAY 1: 3:45pm-5:00pm

Workshop APrimitive Expression®: Dance, Express, Let Go, Vibrate! by Gisele Baradel

Primitive Expression®(PE) is a joyful and dynamic form of dance performed to rousing percussion music and accompanied by an intense liberation of the voice that provides physical and neuropsychological benefits. In this practice, rhythm, dance and song play on a symbolic level. The collective expression is enthusiastic and festive, inspired by both African and European dances. Drawing its symbol from universal archetypes it combines and unifies the dual symbols of body/mind, self/other, visible/invisible, masculine/ feminine in a simple, refined yet powerful movement. Sustained by the energy of the group one explores the multiple facets of one’s individuality in an accompanied and benevolent environment. Truly amazing! This collective energy is something unique to be experienced, felt and shared in a group setting. You feel energized and happy! 

Workshop BShe’s Got the Power: All Levels Yoga Practice To Empower Every Woman by Dr Trish Corley

Step into you power through the practice of yoga. The mind and body are connected. When you unlock new space and strength in your physical body, you create space for new possibilities everywhere in your life – your relationships, careers, hobbies, spirituality, etc.! Discover that what you want to make happen in your life is possible. Be empowered to give up the things that holds you back and realise you are ready to make manifest your dreams. This Baptiste Vinyasa yoga practice is appropriate for women with any level of yoga experience. First timers and seasoned yogis welcomed!

DAY 2: 9:00am-9:30am


Grounding & Clarity Meditation by Amelia Kang

After an exciting programme on Day 1, it is time to regroup and integrate your energies by stabilizing and clarifying our mental and emotional selves. In this meditation, we set our intentions and create a deeper connection with our inner selves so as to start Day 2 balanced, calm and centred. 

DAY 2: 9:45am-11:00am

Workshop A: Love and Soul Women with Delphine L’Huillier and Prune Derriennic

Christine, co-founder of the Festival de Féminin and Delphine’s partner, passed away on August 29, 2016 from cancer. Shortly before her last breath, Christine sang “It’s raining love, hallelujah! It’s raining love, hallelujah!” From our first inhalation to our last exhalation: breath, music, a cycle. In death as in life: two journeys, two doors. And life passes through us. What do we do every day with this breath that is given to us? To whom and to what do we dedicate it? This workshop invites us to reconnect to the gentle source, intimate and powerful, which animates us and makes us shine. From heart to heart. A universal dynamic, poetic and sensory, an anchoring, beauty and grace alchemize. Where women find their unique chorus.

Workshop BGetting Back Her Sovereignty with Lydia Petetin: 

"only the woman who is well placed on her throne can truly carry her crown"  ~ Christiane Singer ~ 

The reminder that we are all Queens does not in any way mean that we are dominating characters, defying man on his turf, neither does it mean that we should act in the energy and shadow of masculine-driven castrating women. 

On the contrary, this archetype invited us to embrace our life with coherence, equilibrium and dignity.

It asks us to open our eyes wide, to open up our spaces, to broaden our vision and our hearts..

Let's grow and strengthen our roots

Let's rediscover our Power

Let's embody our dreams by respecting others and the Living

This is a true ecology of Being, engaging the celebration of Life in all its glorious panoply of colours

This workshop will be under a banner of exchanging and sharing, in the spirit of good humour and authenticity. It is a practice of dance and mind-body exercises designed to discover and reveal in your nobility.

DAY 2: 11:30am-12:45pm

Workshop A: What the Monthly Cycle Teaches to the Woman by Maitie Trelaun

Which memories do you have of the day you had your period for the first time? How did you live that moment? Which transmission did you receive from your mum and how did you transmit that to your daughter at your turn? The cycle sculpts and invites the woman to create her own dance to harmonize it. It enables her over the months to open her vulnerability and to release her power. How can she surf with her cycle's energies to respect herself with more accuracy in her everyday life? During this workshop, Maïtie will tell you the magic of the Woman's body in connection with the Universe. It will offer you the keys to go to meet your cycle and learn how to read it. Menopaused women too can learn and still benefit from the precious energy of the cycle.

Workshop B: Sensuality with Anne Morin:

What is desire, what feelings in our everyday life, what place in our lives?

What is pleasure, what feelings in everyday life, what place in our lives?

Desire, pleasure, sensuality, and voluptuousness: 
How can we put this potential of our living body at the service of our life?

DAY 2: 2:00pm-3:15pm

Workshop A: Colour Me, Colour My World with Chwen Sia: 

When was the last time you draw? 

What is the picture you see yourself now and in the future? What is your role as a woman to the people in your life?  

What do you want to present yourself as? 

Come on a journey and let the colours you choose speak for you! Allow yourself to express Who you are, What you care for in the form of a painting and colours! Let the magic of colours heal you!

Workshop B: Value, Vision and Success: Art of Feminine Leadership with Pang Sinlaparat

Women have a unique challenge in the workplace in the face of ingrained gender bias. Studies show that leadership is still equated with traditionally masculine qualities, like being aggressive, direct and dominating. However, when women choose to lead with this style, we tend to suffer. It shows that traditional models of leadership actually works against women, which could lead to either being view as aggressive or a lack of confidence and lack of impact. In this workshop, you will get a chance to get in touch with your value, vision and your own definition of success; and learn to embody Feminine Leadership.