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26 Aug: Full Moon Sonic Soundscape Guided Meditation by Amelia & Amanda

Full Moon Sonic Soundscape Guided Meditation
by Amelia & Amanda
Date: Sunday, 26 August 2018
Time: 5pm - 7pm
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 299578
Energy Exchange: $38

The full moon on 26 August occurs in the sign of Pisces, and is a reminder to balance both the material and spiritual aspects of our lives so that we are not experiencing inner chaos, nor overly restricting our own freedom to live life. This full moon is ideal for manifesting your goals for the rest of the year, or simply developing your skills and talent because it brings forth inner conflict that forces you to challenge and cultivate your own potential. The energy may also create turbulence in your intimate relationships, motivating you to rethink how you have been communicating and nurturing yourself and those you care about. This is a full moon with immense abundance energy and heralds in a period of good fortune that you can tap on to improve your life and circumstances.

Come join Amelia and Amanda as they help you to tune into this energy to make it your own.

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