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25 May: Ancestral Healing Workshop & Group Healing by Ky'lama

Ancestral Healing Workshop & Group Healing
Date: 25 May 2018, Friday 
Time: 7.20pm - 9.30pm
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 299578
Energy Exchange: $55

Our Ancestors represent our DNA.

There is opinion that up to 70% of what we experience in our lives is from our ancestors. The emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, issues and experiences are from our ancestral lineage. We have incarnated on the Earth with a special contract to support the healing and evolution of our ancestral lineage.

The healing that we do for ourselves we are doing also for our ancestors.

Sometimes our family do not realise the journey we go through in our lives and the journey we are on. The path of healing the ancestral lineage is part of our divine plan.

In connecting with our ancestors we acknowledge the path they have walked before us. We learn to accept and forgive the “mistakes” and misadventures. We learn to embrace this “part of self” in the deeper healing of our soul.

Our journey is, as best as is possible, to hold the space for the family lineage to receive divine healing, inspiration and grace to resolve all that has lay imbedded in the family lineage for many, many generations so that it can be liberated and freed into greater unity and oneness.

Our life can receive deeper fulfilment when we participate in this gracious process.

Ky’lama will be offering during this session a process that connects back 7 generations in the ancestral line to bring healing and deeper embrace of all that may have occurred in the past so the future is brighter, clearer and more connected in your family energies.