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22 May: What is Happening in the World at the moment by Ky'lama Telos

What is Happening in the World at the Moment? What does it all Mean? 
Date: 22 May 2018, Tuesday 
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 299578
Energy Exchange: $25

Ky’lama is a multi dimensional healer and channel of divine healing energy.

Ky’lama is a change agent and supports all to transform to find harmony and balance, find their true purpose and to work with their potential as deeply as is possible.

We all feel there is a major shift occurring on the planet. Weather changes climate change mean that life is unpredictable. The pace at which technological change is occurring is a window to understanding the expansion of our life and the amount of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

This bombardment is not only informational but with the sophistication of the digital age it leads to a greater electromagnetic field that we are dealing with and the effects this can have on our bodies!

We are being challenged to constantly find our centre.

We are being asked to find a way to hold our space and sometimes for others whilst things unravel and find a new level within us.

Ky’lama will talk a little bit about the bigger picture and what is occurring and what it means for us and the planet we live on.

Come and join us for this important discussion and this exchange of views as we build a bigger understanding of what we all need to do for the future.

Ky’lama will also offer a short healing transmission of 20 - 30 mins.