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3 Nov: Specialised Singing Bowl Workshop: Self-Healing with 1 Singing Bowl by Shima Healing

Specialised Singing Bowl Workshop: 
Self-Healing with 1 Tibetan Singing Bowl
Date: Saturday, 3 November 2018
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
5A Dunearn Close, Singapore 299578
Energy Exchange: $210

This gives a good foundation in sound therapy and Tibetan singing bowls. Learn the ancient art of how to use this sacred healing tool correctly and receive basic knowledge in self-healing including how to use it in your meditation practice by using just one bowl. 

Who is this for?

You would like to learn how to bring Tibetan Singing Bowls into your life to empower yourself

You would like to understand the basic skills of the art of Singing Bowls to energise, calm and meditate using just one bowl

You want to learn how to bring ourselves into the state of present moment when feel down, anxiety or depressed (healing our emotions)


What's included in this course:

How to give self healing and deepen your meditation practice using one bowl

How to use Tibetan Bell (Tingsha) into your life to clear emotional blockages

How to get clarity/direction and self realisation through ancient Tibetan tools. 

... and more!

Registration can be done on the phone or done online. However, there are a set number of available slots and to prevent no-shows, a 10% non-refundable deposit is in place for bookings made through Paypal due to administrative charges.