Collective Consultants & Coaches

Ame De Lumiere Collective consists of the following consultants, healers and coaches:

                                        ~ Ame, Trouble Shooter & Diagnostics, specialising in energy reading & business consultancy
                                        ~ Mary, Macrobiotics expert specialising in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
                                        ~ Teri, Chinese Metaphysician specialising in Bazi & Fengshui
                                                      ~ Tricia, Seifu Specialist
                                                       ~ Akiko Igarashi (Shima Healing) Ancient Singing Bowls Master
                                         ~ Amanda Ling (Shima Healing) Ancient Singing Bowls Specialist and Sonic Flow Meditation 

  The Collective takes a holistic and integrative approach to assisting all clients. 
Together, we work to provide a synergistic solution for your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energetic issues.