Founder of Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy

Before Ame began her career as a healing consultant, she was a serial entrepreneur. Her specialty then was her skill to spot business potential and the immaculate planning that goes into the set up of any business. Her business portfolio previously included events companies, restaurants, trading companies and consultancies, among others. She also mentored aspiring start ups of the Spring Singapore YES! Startup Seed Fund from 2010 to 2012.
When she founded Ame de Lumiere in 2011, she was keenly aware that many people were unable to balance their material growth with their spiritual & energetic growth. For those entrenched in the material world, they felt lost, empty, disconnected and increasingly so, as their intuitive faculties open up. For those firmly rooted in spirituality, only a few could follow their calling as they needed to maintain day jobs to subsist their healing work. 
Ame was determined to use her own experience of manifestation, having manifested a balanced and abundant life for herself, to help others. She believes that a holistic approach is necessary for those who aspire to success, so that health, love and happiness are not compromised in the pursuit of wealth and vice versa. In order for that to happen, she advocates the taking on of responsibility for all creations, good & bad, to facilitate self healing. Ultimately, Life is a co-creation with our Higher Selves and the Universe.

Ame combines Chinese and Western metaphysics and uses a balanced approach of practical & metaphysical methods to empower her clients to heal personal issues, relationship issues, Business issues, self esteem issues, manifestation issues, development issues etc to achieve clarity and success in life.
The metaphysical methods include the use of Oracle cards, Energy healing, Chinese metaphysics such as Four Pillars of Destiny, Fengshui, Numerology, Crystals & Essences.