Mary Ho

Mary Ho

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy & Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Mary Foong Thor Ho is a certified practitioner of the Upledger Institute International.

After living in Shanghai for 4.5 years, Mary has returned to Singapore in December 2013.


During that period she spent most of her time as an active volunteer with Mifan Mama, a charity organization. Her relentless and dedicated efforts was recognized and she was invited as guest speaker at Shanghai TEDx Conference 2012 to share her work and inspirations.


In Dec 2011, Mary received intense and profound healing experiences during a two-week spiritual and yoga retreat up at the Andes Mountains Bolivia, and many sacred sites in Peru which enhanced her soul purpose connection.  


Mary is a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is developed by Dr Bruno Chickly, is a gentle and non-invasive technique that works through the body’s interstitial and lymphatic system to activate the body liquid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.She is an avid whole foods cook and Macrobiotic food educator, having received her training from Kushi Institute in Amsterdam. She is also a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher.


Currently, Mary continues to conduct healthy and wholesome cooking workshops in Singapore, and lead regular meditation evenings at Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy.


With the combination of yoga asanas, lymphatic drainage therapy with energy work, eating wholesome food, it reinforced her passionate belief to live her soul purpose to be of service in sharing and helping others.  

Her session is ideal for those that are seeking to detoxify their bodies.



I was looking for a recommendation regarding having Cranial Sacral when a friend of mine introduced me to Mary. I instantly know she was exactly what I was looking for and booked my first session. Mary was amazing, I felt totally relaxed and realigned after my treatment. Having a session with Mary is something I look forward to and now happily pass my recommendation on to others, love and gratitude ~ Adrienne 

I was a recipient of the lymphatic drainage therapy provided by Mary.  
I was also very lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from her healing macrobiotic cooking.
Having seen the absolute love, passion and effort put into the preparation of her food and the quality of the ingredients chosen, gave me the confidence that I needed to know that Mary was able to help me.
My body was in a toxic state due to the spiritual transition that I was undergoing and my energies were extremely scattered.  I was welcomed into Mary's home not only to stay but to also benefit from her skill as a healer.
Immediately she pinpointed what I needed to work on spiritually as well as what foods would benefit me at that particular time.  From then on I noticed instant changes in my body and demeanor.
During my time spent with Mary,  she was very consistent and thorough with my diet and well being.  I have found it interesting and very intriguing watching her prepare food in the macrobiotic way.  The food prepared was clean, it purified and detoxified my system, and I found that my attitude towards my spiritual transition became lighter and more bearable.
During the lymphatic session, Mary was very considerate and careful. She was gentle and took great care to ensure that she identified the key areas that I needed to focus on, and she performed her session with great integrity.
Mary is a complete package. With food, health and well-being, she can produce and demonstrate how to prepare clean and healthy macrobiotic meals, as well as spiritually enlighten your path with her intuitive guidance and lastly with her energy healing- LDT, Mary can bring you back to wellness and enlightenment. Lorie Ellison

A session with Mary will reveal and unveil things that not just your physical body is exhibiting but what your emotional world is experiencing as well, with and without your knowledge.
Mary is highly intuitive and her gift of reading the body like a road map as well as coaxing any repressed memories that the body may be harboring
Certainly more than just lymphatic drainage. A better description would be self discovery. ~ anonymous

Mary's Lymphatic drainage help to balance and support a healthy body and addresses the issue when symptom appears. Adding in her intuitive and alternative healing work, she has helped reduces pain, pin-point root causes and offers techniques to help support a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. ~ Angeline