Shima Healing - Amanda Ling

Amanda Ling 
Shima Healing

Amanda Ling is a sound healing practitioner specialised in tibetan singing bowls. 

She is an established musician/DJ based in Singapore, specialised in producing healing music, a music educator and a tidying consultant trained in the KonMari Method™.

She is also a yoga teacher who focuses on the therapeutic applications of yoga.

It is her life passion and path to share the healing wonders of sound therapy through the ancient art of tibetan singing bowls and benefit-specific music together with a yoga practice or as a standalone. 

She provides professional quality-based complementary healing services in modalities in sound healing with tibetan singing bowls, yoga, decluttering and tidying in the KonMari Method™ to allow release of any physical and emotional traumas, beliefs, and stories for deep healing while creating space for new possibilities and positive healing.

She provides compassionate support and guidance through each individual's experiences and journey, empowering and aligning their health and wellness towards living a meaningful and purposeful life.