Teri Cheow


Teri Cheow

Bazi Practitioner  (Four Pillars of Destiny) 

Teri Cheow practiced the 3 ancient chinese metaphysical arts, Four Pillars of Destiny (Diagnosis of birth chart), I-Ching (Divination & Clarification) & Feng Shui (Remedies and cures).
Her knowledge was imparted, influenced by the wisdom and tutelage of several masters, with special credit to the Singapore Renowed Bazi expert - Master Chew Kiat Leng & world class Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong) whose teachings had inspired a profession in the scholistic field of 5 Arts. 
Teri graduated from Murdoch University (Western Australia) with a Honors degree in Biomedical Science. Prior to this working as a full-time practitioner, she was working as a pharmaceutical manager in Swiss & US Major MNCs, specializing in Cancer Medicine. 
Harmonizing her scientific background with evergreen chinese metaphysics which had been practiced by generations of people over thousands of years, Teri sought to explore life beyond the shores of scientific means. Bridging the gaps in between metaphysical science, superstitious and traditional chinese culture.


“Why certain diseases occur to healthy people? Why some people excel in everything while some excel in nothing?”


“Is there an encoded message in our birthday which determines our character traits and therefore influencing our approach in life?”  


“While awaiting scientific discovery to catch up with supernatural world, i was wondering if ancient Chinese knowledge can bridge the gap between known and unknowns. If we are unable to effect change in eventual outcome, should we passively resign to fate or can we at least try to proactively see it coming for prevention?”


Commonly known as Bazi, the ancient chinese body of knowledge is amazingly accurate in explaining a lot of hidden matters: 


Child prodigies and natural talents (hidden potential, strengths and weakness), 

obstacles in certain phase of time (failed business ventures, 

multiple rejections in job interviews), 

unexplainable love and hate relationships between people resulting in tension between lovers, married couples, supervisors and subordinates (lack of prospect in a job)

poor health etc.


Understanding your birth chart as early as possible in life gives you a tactical advantage over people who had been “flying blind”. Many clients only came for reading when they had already hit a rough patch in life. The value of knowing in advance empowers you to be your own master of your destiny, not being a slave to it. 


Teri follows the ancient way of manual configuration of client’s birthday into a bazi birth chart. Hence the bazi analysis will take time to complete. An onsite consultation is encouraged, though a report without consultation can be emailed at your convenience. 

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What I enjoyed most seeking advice from Master Cheow is her keen support to understand what will work best in my search for a compatible helper for my mum.
As she matches my mum's bazi to understand her characteristics (which is aligned with my personal observations of my mum) with the potential candidates that I've identified for my mum.
Ultimately, she provides the distinctive and positive advice that ONE will acknowledge that it's useful (when the ONE is ready to accept what is best for them). ~ Maggie

Teri has been to our place and advised on creating positive energies in key area of concerns. SHe has managed to negate the bad energies and make our place a harmonious place to live in. So far our living has been good and is still improving as the days go by. ~ Andy

Teri is a very dedicated and Talented bazi reader! She analyses my Bazi very comprehensively and she is able to explain the complicated elements very clearly to me.
I got a clearer understanding of why I function the way I do, my life patterns and etc..
In addition, Teri even offers me practical advises on how I can improve my love luck!! the amazing thing is she advises work! Since I last saw her and apply what she taught me, my love luck has improved.
I'd highly recommend Teri if you want a detailed chinese metaphysics done! She has a flair of expression that will enlighten you not only with ancient wisdom but laughter too. ~ Arakah