Caroline de Bruin

Healing is a most important function and is considered a very important practice by many, and some even consider it a gift. This is as it should be because healing has played a dominant part in the evolution of humankind. There are a variety methods of healing which involve magic; herbal and folk remedies; Eastern techniques which involve the changing of the body’s energy field; Native American and shamanic techniques; and Western approaches to medicine and psychology. 

Before the advance of the scientific age, healing was commonly practiced or performed by the village witch or wizard, often called the wise woman or man. These individuals often were born having the mysterious gift of healing by touch, and many were adept in herbal lore that had been passed down through generations of their families. They diagnosed both human and animal ailments. This was because in the early history of humankind animals were very important to human survival. Even today some practitioners still practice animal and plant healing because they consider all life as coming from the gods.

Throughout history many healing methods have been practiced. 
Introducing Ms Caroline de Bruin, she is lovingly known as the lady with the Magical Healer touch. 20 years ago, Caroline de Bruin inherited the gift of ancient energetic touch massage from her grandma Indonesian decent.

Through touch, she is able to scan your body, clear out any energetic blocks from all physical, emotional and mental levels and to align your body chi to flow with ease again. 

This method also works well on your bones too.  Those who have frequent neck pain, shoulder, knee, hands, legs, backache, Caroline’s energetic touch massage will restructure and realign the bone to allow chic to flow.

Service Offered: Magical Healing Touch

Dear Caroline, it has been a few weeks since I received your massage and I still remain so surprised at the way you turned my ribs with such soft and careful movements, I am very grateful for your delicacy and good energies, you are an incredible woman with amazing magic hands !
I send you a big hug from Bali!

I felt hot and cold energy in my throat when your hands where there.
It was an energy I never felt before 
The healing was only 30 min
Had a good sleep. When I woke up my throat was clear and painless.
-Raoul Netherlands (throat infection for over 3 weeks)