Kailash LIM

Kailash Lim

Kailash Lim has immersed himself in yoga, meditation and bodywork in India, Thailand  and elsewhere for close to thirty years, having studied   with teachers from a multitude of traditions. Since 1999 he has been teaching yoga in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Canada and Europe. In 2013-14 he was the senior teacher at Island Yoga, a well-established yoga retreat in south Thailand. He has also facilitated meditation retreats and dharma programs in Thailand and India.

Kailash sees yoga as the art and practice of awakening the intelligence of the body through movement, posture and breath. He has an eclectic style, inspired by the Iyengar-adapted approaches of Erich Schiffmann and Dona Holleman, using the body to move towards inner stillness. He is particularly known for his ability to communicate to students a proper understanding of the mechanics of movement and posture. He covers a wide range of styles, from dynamic vinyasa flows to gentle restorative yoga, as well as pranayama.

In addition, Kailash also offers Chi Nei Tsang, a specialized form of deep abdominal detox massage from the Taoist tradition. This works to release physical blocks in the abdominal area which often have their basis in deeply held emotional blocks. The release of these blocks helps restore optimal digestive function.

Kailash also teaches workshops in Shibashi, or 18 Movements, a simple, gentle yet subtly powerful form of Taichi Qigong.

Well-known for his clarity and empathy in communication, Kailash also speaks French and some Mandarin. His commitment is to guide, nourish and support each student, regardless of their level, to explore the edges of their practice, and what it means to “do yoga.”

Services Offered: Chi Nei Tsang