Karina Himayla Sirimana

Karina Himayla Sirimana
Alternative Practitioner (Heilpraktiker)
Light Channel and Intuitive Healer
Energetic Chiropractor (Spine Re-Alignment)
Holistic Feng Shui Home Harmonizer
Feng Shui Master and Interior Designer
Reiki Master and Cosmetologist
Author and Speaker

Karina as Energy Channel & Healer

Karina has been working in diverse disciplines. Her experiences with different methods of energy work and her 28 years of meditation practice raised her conscious awareness to such an extend that she could connect and establish a strong bond with one of the Master-Healers, named "Himayla".

She dedicated herself to be a Light Channel for "Himayla" and under the loving support and guidance of this Master-Healer, she developed her own healing abilities. This healing-power flows through her heart and her hands; therefore she received the name "Heart Hands Healing".

She was initiated to work with and through "Himayla's Holigram", an Energy field and Expression of Pure Love. Her Heart Hands are a direct extension of the Holigram, which intensifies her healing powers immensely.

Channeling "Himayla" comes directly through her heart and is filled with the unconditional love of the Universe.

When she channels "Himayla", she is completely conscious of the information she is accessing. Over time she embodied this wisdom and the presence of "Himayla" within her being; therefore she was guided to unite the two names to Karina-Himayla.

Karina as Holistic Home Harmonizer

Coming from the background of a traditional Feng Shui Master Consultant, Karina always had a more holistic approach to her work and she found her vocation in setting up the base in her client's home for their own transformation, rather than only following the calculations and clinging to the formulas of Feng Shui. For, she truly believes in her professional motto:"Transforming your Home

- Transforming your Life"

As she then focused more on her clients in her transformational work, she added the tagline:

"The House is the Home for the Body

- the Body is the Home for the Spirit"

In several – non Feng Shui related – trainings she was initiated into the Higher Levels of Energy- and Healing Work. That also included receiving messages from the Divine Realms and since she implements her new healing abilities into her Feng Shui practice, her consultations have reached far beyond the traditional calculations; the new healing modalities enable her to "heal" and harmonize the influential environment of her clients' homes and henceforth she calls herself a "Holistic (Feng Shui) Home Harmonizer".


Stacie, USA: Thank you so much for doing healing work for me. I believe your healing made a huge difference. I woke up early, feeling fine and rested. I was peacefully happy and much more playful with my daughter today than I have been for a long time.
You are a blessing to the world.

Lesley, Australia: What an amazing gift and experience it has been working with Karina. The initial consultation was with Karina herself where she very accurately did a psychic x-ray of my body. It was so accurate that it had Karina reminding me of some broken bones in my foot that I had forgotten about. The work that followed next was via an absent method. This is a healing that does not requiring the healer and the receiver to be in the same room, town or country. These were equally powerful healings that left me in no doubt about the work being done, and where the healing was being delivered to. I have worked with natural therapist and healers form many decades and consider the caliber of work that Karina does to be of an extremely high level. Many changes occurred after the healings that have left me feeling quite joyful and liberated. Many thanks Karina.

Julie, USA: I just can’t believe what a difference in just 42 days by following your instructions and trusting in your guidance, I went from not moving at all to being able to dance last night for the first time in 10 years!!!!  You are truly a gifted and giving person. At first I wasn’t sure if this energy healing really worked, BOY oh BOY, I am SO Glad that it does!!!!  I went to Doctors since my car accident and all they could do is give me pills that made me forget my own name, and still no relief. NOW WOW. I will not doubt this type of healing as it is the only way I received relief! I forever in your debt. Love Always, Julie M.