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Alchemy Magic Potions

*This batch of Alchemy Magic potions is made on the Day of Goddess Nemesis, infusing them with the energy of balance and equilibrium.
The Sun entering Virgo on the same day brings an energy of practicality, prompting swift resolutions to the issues you are using the potions for.

Alchemy Magic Potions are made with the highest quality essential oils on days of high energy. 
Jointly blended by Ame & Yvonne, the current batch is made on the Day of Litha, a day of the brightest light in midsummer. 
Astronomically, it is the longest day of the year, representing the Source at full power.

How to activate the Potion

1. Open the bottle cap and put a drop of potion on your finger.
2. Blow on the opening of the bottle.
3. Place your finger with the oil on the rim of the bottle.
4. Circle your finger around the rim as you activate the potion using the accompanying chant.
5. Recite the chant THREE times.
Note: You only need to activate the potion upon opening the bottle for the first time.

Hot Money Back Potion
$49 per 10 ml bottle

Uses & Benefits:
Help to speed up the flow of money, generate flow of Energy for money spent to flow back to you, create Faster and bigger flow of abundance and money 

Recommended users: 
Suitable for all

How to use:
Apply magic oil on your cash before you spend it or apply
On your bills or credit cards to help you to bring in positive
Abundance energy and to be debt free and to increase your ability to receive extra income 

Heart of Wizard Potion
$49 per 10 ml bottle

Uses & Benefits:
Cleanses the body’s auric field and to protect you from harmful and toxic energy.  To help us stay centred and focused.
To be in a state of calm, peace, balance and oneness. To enhance our intuition and sensitivity.

Recommended users:
Suitable for long time meditators, spiritual Practitioners, or those who are easily influenced Or affected by external environment or energy
How to use:
Apply when in a place where you feel oppressive or uncomfortable. It can help to cleanse and protect your energy field.
You can apply daily on your body or any lucky charm or jewellery that you wear or carry  

Queen of Roses Potion (with Unakite)
$69 per 10 ml bottle

Uses & Benefits:
Enhance your energy of beauty and love and allow you to be more confident and increase your charisma and magnetism.
It will help to soften your aura so that others will find you more approachable and you will be well liked.
Once your energy shift, you will bring in people who can help you. For those who are single, it will help you increase your
chance of meeting love. For those who are married or with a partner, it will help to enhance your current relationship and
overcome and remove any negative aspects.  

Recommended users:
Suitable for everyone

How to use:
Add this oil with your body lotion to apply on your body or use It as a perfume.
You can apply a few drops on your body (avoiding any sensitive area) before you go out everyday.