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Healing Orchids

Orchid Essences

What are Orchid Essences?
Energy Exchange: SGD$38 per bottle

The active element in an "essence" is the etheric healing energy of the plant.
Based upon the 80 year tradition of the remedies of DR.
Edward Bach, flower essences contain no trace of plant material, other than the cognac or brandy that is used purely as a preservative.
This etheric energy of the plant is the same 'chi' in our bodies which is treated in Chinese acupuncture.
As the 'chi' of the orchid enters our energetic pathways, we experience the benefit of the plant's strength and indeed its wisdom.
In effect your body enters into a 'dialogue' with the energy of the orchid.

What are Orchid Aura Sprays? 
Energy Exchange: SGD$39 per 50ml bottle, SGD$54 per 100ml bottle

Aura Sprays are one of the forms in which people can experience the benefits of the essences and whereas the drops work from the inside out,
the sprays work directly one the auric field, shifting energies from the outside, moving in.
Even people with no experience of essencs can readily feel the effect of the sprays.
Spray well over the top of the head and let it waft down for best effect.
Our aura sprays are made with just four basic ingredients: water, vodka, essential oils and drops of the mother tincture.
Other than the vodka, there is no preservative nor dispersants.